Did Arrow Just Reveal The Identity Of Prometheus?


This week’s episode of “Arrow” focused on Prometheus, and Team Arrow learned a little bit about Star City’s newest serial killer.

Last week Prometheus killed Tobias Church by throwing a ninja star in his neck, and this week Prometheus used the same method to kill more victims. The media dubbed Prometheus the “throwing star killer” as Team Arrow tried to find a pattern in regards to his victims.

Felicity and Curtis ran an algorithm that revealed the recently murdered citizens of Star City had a strange connection to Oliver. Their names turned out to be anagrams of names that were on Oliver Queen’s kill list in season 1.

Later in the episode Team Arrow spread out across Star City to check on other people who could become possible victims of Prometheus. Artemis was on a train when she cut off her line of communication with Felicity. As soon as she did, Prometheus appeared with intentions to attack the engineer of the train.

Artemis fought with Prometheus on the train, and during the fight she cut his right arm. The Green Arrow showed up after Felicity told him that she couldn’t get in touch with Artemis. After Green Arrow arrived Prometheus disappeared.

Earlier in the episode Felicity stole one of the throwing stars that Prometheus has been using from her boyfriend’s desk at SCPD. After analyzing the material, Felicity discovered that all of the throwing stars were made from melted arrows that Oliver used to kill his victims in season 1. Meaning that whoever is making the throwing stars has and/or had access to the evidence at SCPD.

Earlier in the episode Thea Queen was worried about Quentin Lance, so she checked his desk after he didn’t show up to work. She found a bottle of whiskey and when she confronted Lance about his relapse, she discovered that he didn’t relapse because he never stopped drinking.

As the episode was ending the show cut to Quentin Lance in his apartment. He looked like he had been drinking, then he sat up on his couch. As he looked over at his right arm, it was covered in blood, and he saw a gash in the same spot where Artemis had slashed Prometheus.

He then looked down at the table in his living room and picked up a throwing star that looked exactly like the ones Prometheus has been using. Lance looked confused as he stared at the throwing star and the episode ended.

Of course it’s still pretty early in the season, so, it’s possible, and likely that the show is trying to throw a curveball at viewers.

At this stage of the game it seems kind of crazy to turn Quentin Lance into a serial killer. But then again, Oliver has directly, and indirectly made his life a living hell on several occasions.

Do you think Quentin Lance is really the man masquerading as Prometheus? Sound off in the comments below.