8 Moments We Can’t Stop Talking About From Arrow: ‘Sins Of The Father’


This week’s episode of “Arrow” was titled “Sins of the Father” and it focused heavily on Malcolm Merlyn and the consequences for his actions. Thea Queen recently went into a coma caused by her bloodlust. In this episode Nyssa Al Ghul returned to Star City and offered Oliver an elixir that would cure Thea in exchange for killing Malcolm Merlyn.

So did Oliver kill Malcolm Merlyn and save Thea’s life? See how “Sins of the Father” went down with these 8 moments that we can’t stop talking about.

#8 – Oliver And Felicity Plan A Wedding

Gif via: arthurdrvill
gif via: arthurdrvill

Oliver already asked Felicity to marry him earlier in the season and she said yes. But in “Sins of the Father” Oliver asked her again.

She once again said yes and it seems like they’ll be planning a wedding sooner rather than later. Which is either good or bad news depending on how you feel about Olicity.


#7 – The Flashbacks

gif via: bigdeesmallworld

Seriously though, what’s going on with the flashbacks? Oliver is locked up, with some chick, that we don’t really care about. He’s back on Lian Yu with some people, that we don’t really care about. Doing something sketchy, involving magic, that we don’t really care about.

It seems like this will all eventually¬†tie back in somehow with the magic theme leading Oliver to some big revelation. But the path to get to there has been rough. The flashbacks no longer feel like they connect to the main story. They’ve become more of a burden to sit through rather than something to look forward to, and that’s a shame.


#6 – Thea Is Cured

Gif via: dailyflarrwogifs
gif via: dailyflarrowgifs

After Thea went into a coma last week Nyssa promised Oliver that she had a cure which could restore her back to optimal health. There were quite a few twists and turns along the way, but eventually Oliver got the cure.

It’s been a rough season for Thea, dealing with her bloodlust and all. Hopefully this gives her a bit of break from that burden so she can get back to doing her Speedy thing.


#5 – Felicity Has Her Father Arrested

Gif via: arrowsource
gif via: arrowsource

We found out during last week’s episode that Felicity’s father was none other than the villain of the week, The Calculator. In “Sins of the Father” he met with Felicity and attempted to reconcile. Things seemed to go well and the two bonded from there.

Later on in the episode Felicity discovered that her father wasn’t as good of a man as she hoped he was and she turned him into the police. It’s hard not to feel like this is all going to come back around and turn out to be a decision Felicity lives to regret. But time will tell.


#4 – Oliver Chops Off Malcolm’s Hand

Gif via: arrowsource
gif via: arrowsource

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Oliver Queen over the course of three seasons it’s that he always has a trick up his sleeve. When he says he has some sort of crazy plan, you should probably believe him.

Oliver used his marriage to Nyssa as a way to step in and take her place in a duel with Malcolm Merlyn. But instead of killing Malcolm, he chopped his hand off, then took his ring and gave it to Nyssa.

It was kind of hard to tell how this was duel was going to go down and Oliver getting the upper hand on Malcolm, literally, was a nice way for it to end.


#3 – Nyssa Al Ghul Becomes The New Ra’s Al Ghul

Gif via: itberice
gif via: itberice

Nyssa Al Ghul has wanted to become Ra’s Al Ghul for a long time and it appears to be something that the League of Assassins has wanted as well. As soon as Oliver acquired Malcolm’s ring he gave it to Nyssa in exchange for the Lotus elixir. When Nyssa put it on the League immediately bowed to her and said “Ra’s!” in unison.

Nyssa Al Ghul was always bound to get her revenge against Malcolm Merlyn but it was a surprise to see it happen like this. Still, after all the trouble Malcolm Merlyn has put her through, she deserved the right to call herself Ra’s Al Ghul. Even if it was only for a little while.


#2 – Nyssa Disbands The League Of Assassins

Gif via: barryirisallens
gif via: barryirisallens

After finally acquiring the title of Ra’s Al Ghul, Nyssa called Oliver Queen, Laurel Lance and Malcolm Merlyn to a meeting. From there she melted the League’s ring and announced that she has disbanded the League of Assassins. She said that no one would be held prisoner by her father any longer.

The League of Assassins has been a part of “Arrow” for a long time now so this was kind of a shock. Even when they aren’t at the forefront of the show they always had a presence lurking in the shadows. With the League of Assassins seemingly gone for good, you have to wonder what other type of organization might step in and take their place.


#1 – Malcolm Merlyn Tells Damien Darhk That Oliver Has A Son

Gif via: thunderbirdthor
gif via: thunderbirdthor

After Nyssa melted the ring Malcolm Merlyn made it very clear to Oliver that they are once again enemies. They’re not just any type of enemies, they’re the worst kind. Merlyn declared that death would be a mercy compared to the debt he now owes Oliver Queen

At the end of the episode we learned that Malcolm Merlyn wasn’t messing around as he met with Damien Darhk. During their meeting Merlyn revealed to Darhk that Oliver has a son. Once again proving that¬†he is indeed pure evil. The episode ended from there.