5 Things To Look Forward To In The Flash Season 2


“The Flash” season one was a huge hit and season 2 looks like it’s going to be bigger in every way possible. We’re only a few short weeks away from the premiere and these are the things you should be looking forward to when the show returns.


#5 – The Multiverse

In the season one finale a wormhole opened up in the sky above Central City. That wormhole will be the gateway to alternate worlds and alternate timelines known as the multiverse.

It’s been confirmed that the multiverse is going to play a big part in “The Flash” season 2. New heroes and new villains will be making their way through the multiverse to Central City which opens up the door to a lot of possibilities such as alternate versions of old characters returning. Expect the multiverse to incorporate more science fiction into the world of “The Flash.”


#4 – The Return Of Harrison Wells

Not only has it been confirmed that Tom Cavanaugh is returning as Harrison Wells, but it’s also been confirmed that Harrison Wells will come from an alternate timeline in the upcoming season. Tom Cavanaugh’s Eobard Thawne trapped in Harrison Wells’ body was one of the highlights of season 1. But this time around things will be different and it sounds like we’re actually going to meet the real Harrison Wells or an alternate version of the real Harrison Wells anyway.

It will be interesting to see how the character fits into the show this time around and how he interacts with Barry and company.


#3 – Bigger And Better Crossovers

The first time “Arrow” and “The Flash crossed over it was epic. But Barry and Oliver were still sort of feeling each other out and trying to figure out how to work as a team. Barry and Oliver now have more of an established history so we can expect the crossovers to be bigger and better.

The Flash and Green Arrow now know how to work as a team which is likely to create some pretty awesome action sequences. If the last season’s crossover episodes were an origin story for The Flash/Arrow team so to speak, than this season will be the one that really pushes the crossover potential to the limit.


#2 – New Villains

“The Flash” season 1 introduced some pretty awesome villains and it looks like that trend is going to continue in season 2. Zoom has been confirmed to be the big bad of the season and he’s being built up as the greatest villain of all. Reverse Flash really messed with Barry’s life in season 1 so it should be interesting to see what Zoom does to torment The Flash.

WWE Hall of Famer Edge is also playing Atom-Smasher in the new season. In a recent trailer for “The Flash” season 2 there’s a clip where Atom-Smasher mentions to Barry that Zoom sent him to kill The Flash. This gives the impression that Zoom will be pulling people’s strings and manipulating other people to do his dirty work. It sounds like Barry is really going to be challenged more than ever before by the villains of season 2.


#1 – Jay Garrick

Fans were beyond thrilled when they heard Jay Garrick was going to be a part of season 2. They were even more thrilled when they got to see footage of him and it looks like having another speedster such as Garrick is going to be a welcome addition to the show.

Barry Allen is still very much trying to figure out what type of hero he is and he needs guidance. Jay Garrick appears to be the perfect mentor for Barry and watching the two speedsters interact is likely going to be the highlight of season 2. Well, besides the fact that we’ll get to see that awesome Jay Garrick helmet on the regular.