Stephen Amell Teases Big Action Scene For Arrow Season 7 Premiere


“Arrow” is set to return for season 7 in a few months, and fans are waiting to see how Oliver’s situation will play out, because the last time we saw Mr. Queen he was getting locked away in prison.

One thing fans can look forward to when “Arrow” returns is more action packed fight scenes.

Over the years the show has featured some pretty impressive fight sequences, and Stephen Amell recently ranked a few of his favorites.

Amell took to Twitter to say that he’s been very proud of Green Arrow vs. Adam Hunt’s men from the pilot, Oliver’s first fight with Ra’s al Ghul in season 3, and an action sequence from the season 7 premiere which has yet to be revealed.

Details regarding where the show will go in season 7 have been mostly kept under wraps, but with San Diego Comic Con just days away hopefully we’ll be getting more teasers from the cast and crew.