The CW Is Reportedly Developing A Batwoman TV Series


A few months ago “Arrow” star Stephen Amell made a huge announcement when he revealed that Batwoman and Gotham City will both be featured in this year’s “Arrowverse” crossover. Now it sounds like we might be seeing a lot more of Batwoman on the CW in the years to come.

Deadline is reporting that the network is developing a Batwoman TV series.

The potential series, which is being considered for 2019, is being developed by “The Vampire Diaries” executive producer Caroline Dries and Greg Berlanti.

If the show gets picked up, Batwoman could potentially become the first gay lead character in a live-action superhero series.

Casting for the part is expected to begin shortly.

A character breakdown which is rumored to be for Batwoman recently described her as, “a diverse woman in her 30s, she is a fierce fighter despite of her smaller stature. Not only is she experienced in stealth, “Angeline” is able to wipe out buildings filled with foes all by herself before she is gone like a ghost.”

This year’s “Arrowverse” crossover is expected to air on the CW in December.