Arrow Character Breakdown Reveals Possible Details About Batwoman


Stephen Amell made a huge announcement during the CW Upfronts when he informed the world that this year’s “Arrowverse” crossover will feature Batwoman and Gotham City.

Since then details about Batwoman’s appearance have been few and far between, but a new character breakdown could shed some light on what fans should expect from her on “Arrow.”

That Hashtag Show released a few character breakdowns for the new season, and the most interesting breakdown focuses on a character named Angeline.

Angeline is described as “a diverse woman in her 30s, she is a fierce fighter despite of her smaller stature. Not only is she experienced in stealth, “Angeline” is able to wipe out buildings filled with foes all by herself before she is gone like a ghost.”

Although it’s not confirmed at this point, THS speculates that “Angeline” is actually a cover for Batwoman. It’s not uncommon for fake names to be used in character breakdowns, and Batwoman certainly seems to fit the description.

Other character breakdowns include “Leah” who is described as “a 30-something woman who is a world-class mercenary who was born to be a leader. Don’t mess with this one because once you see what “Leah” has in her toolbox of skills, you will see why those are known across the world.”

There will also be a recurring male character joining the show in season 7 who is currently being referenced as “Dover” and he’s described as “a male in his 30-40s who is teased as a physically intimidating player. Even though he may not be the brightest person in the room, anyone who is in his presence will feel incredibly small.”

“Arrow” will return for season 7 in October.