Stephen Amell Responds To Trolls Who Are Body Shaming Him


Stephen Amell has been a pretty busy guy over the past few years. He spends most of his time on the set of “Arrow” but he’s also working on a movie called “Code 8” and he recently dominated the course on “American Ninja Warrior.”

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Following the epic season finale of “Arrow” season 5 the show is on a little break right now, and Amell is making the most of his downtime. He recently spent some time out on the baseball field with the Toronto Blue Jays, and he noted that it might have been one of the coolest things he’s ever done with his cousin Robbie Amell.

Amell also shared the following picture:

Apparently some fans took it upon themselves to comment on Amell’s physique, and the “Arrow” star fired back at body-shaming trolls.

Amell’s downtime will likely be coming to an end sooner than later as “Arrow” is set to return in the fall for season 6.