The Rock’s Black Adam Rumored For Suicide Squad Sequel

suicide squad

The DCEU has been expanding in a big way over the past few years with films like “Suicide Squad” and “Wonder Woman” and next week “Justice League” will finally arrive in theaters.

There are quite a few films currently on the release schedule including, but not limited to, Aquaman’s first standalone film, a “Flashpoint” movie, “Shazam!” and at some point Black Adam will be getting his own standalone film as well.

Original plans called for Black Adam to make his big screen debut in “Shazam!” but now that he has his own standalone film it’s unclear if he’ll be appearing in the movie.

It’s safe to say that when The Rock’s Black Adam does make his DCEU debut, it’s going to be a big deal, and now it’s rumored that his debut could take place in the next Suicide Squad movie.

The Wrap is reporting that in “Suicide Squad 2” the members of the Suicide Squad will be tracking down a weapon of mass destruction, and the weapon will be Black Adam himself.

The Rock is a very busy man nowadays, but insiders say that the role won’t take up too much of his time.

The Rock teased a big surprise for Black Adam a few months ago during an interview when he said the following:

“We have a really cool surprise for Black Adam that I can’t reveal, in terms of where we will see Black Adam being introduced.”

“Suicide Squad 2” is currently scheduled to start shooting on October 2018.