Oliver Queen Enforces Another Huge Change For Team Arrow


Warning, spoilers for this week’s “Arrow” ahead. Team Arrow has undergone some major changes so far this season, as New Team Arrow and Original Team Arrow were split right down the middle months ago.

Last week, John Diggle and Oliver Queen ended up battling each other, and Diggle later decided to leave the team.

Everyone seems to be abandoning Oliver Queen, and now he’s getting back to basics.

At the end of this week’s episode, Oliver told Felicity that he’s benching her, and he’s going to get back to what his mission was all about in the first place. He told her that he needs to go back to doing things on his own, so it appears that the Green Arrow will be going solo for a while.

This change couldn’t come at a better time, as fans seemed to enjoy the fact that this week’s episode did something most of the episodes in season 6 haven’t done so far, and that is focus on Oliver Queen.

It looks like we’ll be getting more Oliver Queen-centric episodes from here on out, and Oliver going solo will be a nice change following several months of New Team Arrow vs. Original Team Arrow drama.