Two Major Characters Say Goodbye In Legends Of Tomorrow Season Finale


Warning: major spoilers ahead. DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” season 3 has been the craziest season so far without a doubt, and the season finale up the ante in every way possible.

The episode kicked off in a big way with Rip Hunter confronting Mallus. Rip took the time drive from the Waverider and used it to sacrifice himself and stop Mallus temporarily to buy the Legends some time.

It seems that Rip is gone for good because before the time drive became unstable and exploded, he told Sara he was very much looking forward to being reunited with his family, and then he disappeared in the explosion.

At the end of the episode Amaya also said goodbye to the team and returned to Zambesi so that she could live out the life she was supposed to live.

Nate offered to erase her memory, but she declined and said that she wants to remember him.

Rip has been with the team since the beginning as he did put the Legends together after all, but he’s taken on a lesser role over the course of the last two seasons. His battle with Mallus appeared to be his end, but no one ever really dies on “Legends of Tomorrow” so it’s always possible we could see him again, and the same goes for Amaya.

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