Arrow Finds An Interesting Way To Bring Back A Major Villain


Spoilers ahead for this week’s episode of “Arrow.” There are many fans out there who would argue that “Arrow” season 5 was the best season of the series so far, and much of the praise that the season has received has to do with Josh Segarra’s performance as the big bad of the season, Adrian Chase.

In the season 5 finale, Adrian Chase put a bullet through his own brain, and subsequently detonated a trigger that was connected to his heart rate that ended up detonating a massive amount of explosives which decimated Lian Yu.

Adrian Chase has become a fan favorite villain among “Arrow” fans, but after the events of the season 5 finale, it seemed that we would never see him again.

But the writers found an interesting way to bring him back in this week’s episode when he appeared as a hallucination after Oliver had been unknowingly drugged.

At one point Oliver fought Adrian Chase in the bunker, but after he snapped his neck and Chase reappeared, Oliver discovered that he had Vertigo in his system which was causing him to hallucinate.

Chase haunted Oliver throughout the episode, and later explained to him that he was a manifestation who was only there to talk to Oliver about his worst enemy — himself.

The hallucination talked Oliver into going on a suicide mission, and he ended up trying to take on the entire police force by himself when he invaded SCPD, but Felicity later showed up and talked him down before he had the chance to confront Ricardo Diaz.

Pretty much anyone can come back from the dead on “Arrow” but it’s safe to say that we’ll probably never see Earth-1 Adrian Chase alive again. Nevertheless Oliver’s hallucination was a welcome reminder why Chase is held in such high regard among “Arrow” fans.