A Legend Leaves The Team In DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Midseason Finale


This week the “Arrowverse” midseason finales are airing on the CW, and some major changes were made to the status quo.

Last week during “Crisis On Earth-X” fans were forced to say goodbye to Martin Stein. After he was shot on Earth-X, he drank a cure to sever the connection between himself and Jax, and now Firestorm is no more.

This week on DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” the younger version of Martin Stein found himself at the center of an anachronism when he was transported back in time with a toy called Beebo that he was trying to purchase for his daughter.

The toy caused a lot of problems, which almost led to the Vikings conquering North America, but luckily the Legends fixed everything.

At one point the younger Martin Stein asked Jax to take him back to 1992, and he did. Jax also gave Stein a letter and told him not to open it until November 28, 2017.

Jax later checked the timeline and found out that Martin still died, and then he went back to 1992.

Stein told Jax that he burned the letter, and Jax explained that he was trying to save his life, but Stein insisted that he didn’t want to change history.

They said their goodbyes and then back on the Waverider Jax told Sara that he’s not sure he’ll be able to move on if he stays on the ship, so he decided to leave the team.

The Legends threw a big Christmas party and said goodbye to Jax, and then he packed up his things and returned to Central City.

Stein seems to be gone for good as Victor Garber is heading to Broadway, but at this point in time it’s unclear how long Jax’s absence will last and if it’s permanent.