The Flash Midseason Finale Ends With A Shocking Twist


Now that the four way “Arrowverse” crossover has come and gone, Team Flash got back down to business this week, and they continued their fight against The Thinker. But unfortunately two key members of the team were taken out of action early in the episode.

Barry Allen was abducted by The Thinker and put in a speedster-proof prison, and Caitlin Snow was abducted by Amunet Black who forced her to perform an operation on a metahuman with the ability to read minds.

Eventually Caitlin Snow and the metahuman named Dominic formed a friendship, and they managed to escape captivity then Cisco and Dibny made the save by opening a breach to get them away from Amunet Black.

Meanwhile, Barry vibrated so fast that he turned invisible, so The Thinker opened up the speedster proof prison and Barry got out.

Barry and The Thinker then battled in the skies as Barry held onto DeVoe’s levitating chair, and after Barry managed to destroy the chair, they both crashed into a river below.

Barry Allen assumed that he had gotten rid of The Thinker, but he was wrong.

Later in the episode Team Flash arrived at the West family home for their annual Christmas party, and Caitlin Snow invited their new metahuman friend Dominic along to join them.

During the party Barry got a security alert on his phone saying something was going on at the loft, so he went home to check on it.

Barry then received a phone call from Dominic who was at the Christmas party, and it was revealed that before the party, Amunet Black captured Dominic again and then sold him to The Thinker and his wife.

A flashback scene then showed that The Thinker transferred his mind into the body of Dominic, leaving the body of Clifford DeVoe useless.

As Barry was trying to wrap his head around the fact that DeVoe transferred his mind into Dominic’s body, DeVoe told him he left a present for him in the loft.

Barry then looked around and saw the dead body of DeVoe, with a knife next to him. DeVoe set it up to look like Barry had killed him, and the police arrived at the loft moments later and arrested Barry as the midseason finale came to a close.

“The Flash” will return in January.