Details On Why Zack Snyder Was Reportedly Fired From Justice League


“Justice League” has been one of the most controversial films to be released over the past few years, and even though it’s been months since its release, the controversy hasn’t really died down. Fans are still arguing over Joss Whedon and Zack Snyder’s work on the film, and entertainment reporter Josh Dickey recently dropped a bombshell when he claimed Zack Snyder was fired from the DCEU a year ago.

Matt Goldberg of Collider is now reporting that he also heard Snyder was fired last year from several different sources, and that two of the sources both claimed that Snyder’s rough cut of “Justice League” was “unwatchable.”

When Zack originally stepped down from the film it was stated publicly that he was leaving due to the death of his daughter, which is why no one wanted to break the story regarding him being fired.

It’s been obvious for years now that the DCEU has its issues, and many fans are hoping to see a course correction in the years to come.

One way or another, hopefully the world will hear Snyder’s side of the story someday.