Former Team Flash Member Returning Soon?


Team Flash has undergone some big changes over the course of 3 and a half seasons, and the team has gained, and lost some members. Wally West hasn’t been seen much this season, but it was recently confirmed that he’ll be joining DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” full time in the weeks to come.

With Wally out of the picture, Barry Allen recruited Ralph Dibny, and he’s currently fighting to save Central City as The Elongated Man. But it looks like another speedster could be returning soon.

Candice Patton recently shared a photo in her Instagram story which features Violett Beane, better known to fans of “The Flash” as Jesse Quick.

This has led to speculation that Jesse will be returning soon, as the photo seems to indicate that Violett is back in Vancouver where “The Flash” is filmed.

With her father Harry Wells still working with Team Flash on Earth-1 it would make sense for Jesse to make an appearance on the show sometime soon.

The Thinker has been one step ahead of Team Flash all season, so it’s safe to say that Barry could definitely use another speedster on his side, Jesse has likely gained a lot of experience fighting crime on Earth-2 since we last saw her, so she could potentially lend a helping hand.

“The Flash” will return on February 27 with “Subject 9.”