Ben Affleck Expected To Appear In Flashpoint Movie But Not Batman Standalone Film


There’s a whole lot of controversy surrounding Ben Affleck’s Batman at the moment. It’s been rumored for months that Affleck wants out of the role, and the rumors have been picking up a lot of steam as of late.

Matt Reeves is set to direct a Batman standalone film, and it was recently reported that Jake Gyllenhaal or Jon Hamm could end up replacing Batman in the film. Affleck himself has confirmed that he’s not currently signed on to reprise his role in the Batman standalone film, now yet another report has surfaced claiming that Ben Affleck is not expected to star in the movie.

Variety reports that “it is highly unlikely” that Affleck will be donning the cape and cowl for Matt Reeves’ Batman film.

However, the report also notes that Affleck’s Batman is expected to appear in the standalone Flash film, which DC announced at Comic Con will be an adaptation of the “Flashpoint” story arc.

With Affleck recently saying that he’s trying to find a “cool way to segue out,” his role as Batman, it seems that “Flashpoint” would give Affleck and the studio a perfect opportunity to recast the role as the story is focused on Barry Allen altering the timeline which could be used as a way to explain any changes that are made.

If this is indeed the case then it seems that “Flashpoint” could be Affleck’s final appearance in the DCEU.

As of this writing “Flashpoint” still doesn’t have a director or a release date, and although Matt Reeves is set to direct the next Batman standalone film, there’s been no word on when the studio might be looking to start production or release the film.