Arrow EP Comments On Negative Reaction To New Team Arrow vs Original Team Arrow


In “Arrow” season 5, Oliver was forced to recruit a new team, and things were going well for a while. It seemed that Green Arrow, Spartan, Black Canary, Mr. Terrific and Wild Dog all managed to work well together, but the current season has split Team Arrow right down the middle.

For months now the rift between Original Team Arrow and New Team Arrow has been at the center of the show, but the story arc hasn’t been well received by everyone.

Many fans are finding it hard to support New Team Arrow in this war, and executive producer Marc Guggenheim told TV Line that he thinks fans are more likely to side with OTA because of the affection they have for the characters.

“I think if I miscalculated anywhere, it’s probably on the order of not taking into full consideration the fact that while all the arguments may be equal and equally strong, there’s always going to be a love and affection for the original characters that the new characters don’t get a chance to enjoy. In crafting these arguments, we were being, I think, very evenhanded. At least we were trying to be. But we were not taking into account the familiarity factor.”

With “Arrow” season 6 moving closer and closer to the finale, the story only has a few episodes left to win over viewers, and Guggenheim asked fans to wait and see how it ends before casting judgement.

“The thing I always ask, or I think any showrunner would ask, is: We’re basically in the middle of the story, so try to try to withhold judgment until you see how the story resolves itself,” Guggenheim said.

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