Stephen Amell Teases A Huge Change For Arrow


“Arrow” season 6 has had its ups and downs, but the season is now closing in on its endgame as we move closer and closer to the finale in May.

Last year’s finale ended with a massive cliffhanger that saw Lian Yu get blown up, and it’s already been confirmed that the season 6 finale will also end with some type of cliffhanger. Over the weekend during a Q&A panel at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in Chicago, Stephen Amell talked a little bit about what fans can expect, and he teased a major change for “Arrow.”

“I think that we will do what we typically do, which is we do a basic time cut, so if we wrap up season six in May, where we find our characters we will be in October,” Amell said via “I know where Oliver begins the year, but I know that it is something on the show, more so than anything that we’ve ever done, more so than blowing up the island, it is something on the show that we can never undo, if that makes sense. And if it doesn’t make sense, even better.”

One can only guess what this big change will be, but the list of people who seem to know Oliver is the Green Arrow is constantly growing.

Samandra Watson has been hunting him all season, and he was publicly accused of being the Green Arrow once again in the most recent episode, so perhaps we’ll be seeing Oliver reveal his secret identity at some point. Only time will tell.

Either way fans have good reason to be excited about season 7 as it was recently confirmed that Colton Haynes will be returning as Roy Harper and he will be a series regular.

“Arrow” will return on Thursday with “Fundamentals.”