Vigilante’s Identity Finally Revealed On Arrow


In “Arrow” season 5 Vigilante was introduced, and the writers swerved the fans. At first it was announced that Josh Segarra had been cast as Vigilante, but Segarra was later revealed to be Prometheus/Adrian Chase. Prometheus went on to become arguably the greatest “Arrow” villain ever after the reveal, but fans were left to wonder about the true identity of Vigilante, and Vigilante’s true identity was revealed this week.

For months the “Arrow” writers have teased that Vigilante will have a personal connection to a Team Arrow member, and this week they delivered.

When Oliver Queen recruited Dinah Drake for Team Arron in season 5, she was reluctant to join the team because she had a former partner on the PD who was killed after she got close to them.

In this week’s episode it was revealed that Vigilante is Dinah Drake’s former partner, Vincent Soble.

Dinah admitted that she thought he was dead because he was shot in the head in front of her. But she knew it was him.

She later said that after she thought he was dead, she attempted to kill herself.

Vigilante tried to assassinate Councilwoman Pollard earlier in the episode, and Dinah tracked him down then he revealed his identity during their heated exchange.

Later in the episode Councilwoman Pollard participated in a TV interview, and Vigilante attacked.

He was shot in the head by a police officer but his visor protected the bullet from hitting his brain.

Dinah asked him how he survived and he told her she’s not the only one dark matter did something to, and that everything heals now.

He said he was a cop for 10 years, but he didn’t accomplish nearly enough. Dinah let him go and told Team Arrow he got away.

Stay tuned for updates.