Stephen Amell Shoots Down Rumor About Arrow Season 7


The “Arrow” season 6 finale changed the show in a major way when Oliver Queen revealed his secret identity to the world.

Oliver was then locked up in prison, and at this point there’s no telling just how long the Emerald Archer could be incarcerated.

Either way, Stephen Amell recently took to Twitter to address a rumor claiming that Oliver Queen will only be in prison for 3 episodes in “Arrow” season 7, and he made it clear that the rumor is not true.

Amell responded to an Instagram post referencing the rumor via Twitter and he simply commented by saying “False.”

Right now not all that much is known about the direction of “Arrow” season 7, but fans are speculating that Oliver will be getting out of prison in time for this year’s crossover which will include Batwoman and Gotham City.

“Arrow” will return in October.