Arrow Cast Assembles For Season 7


The cast of “Arrow” recently got to enjoy a little time off, but the hiatus is over, and the cast is back to work. The @ARROWwriters Twitter account shared a photo of the first table read for season 7, and the picture featured some familiar faces.

They were also treated to a delicious looking cake.

On Friday production for the new season officially kicked off.

When we last left Oliver Queen and company, Oliver was being hauled off the jail while the rest of Team Arrow contemplated their next move.

With production officially underway, it’s safe to say that the next few weeks will be quite busy for the cast as they start filming in order to give fans a glimpse at season 7 during Comic Con later this month.

One way or another, Juliana Harkavy looks ready.

“Arrow” will return for season 7 in October.