Rumor Killer On Supergirl Joining The DCEU


The DCEU recently scored a big win with “Wonder Woman” and DC has big plans to expand their film universe over the next few years. There are always plenty of rumors making the rounds on the internet, but one intriguing rumor recently got a lot of people talking.

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An anonymous source recently “leaked” new details about the DCEU on 4Chan, and according to the source, DC is planning “Man of Steel 2” with Brainiac, and the film is also rumored to introduce Supergirl in the film universe. Obviously the idea of Supergirl joining the DCEU is exciting for fans, but it looks like the rumor has already been debunked.

Umberto Gonzalez of The Wrap and Heroic Hollywood recently took to Twitter to say that the rumor about Supergirl is not true, and that none of the details the source “leaked” are true.

This is obviously disappointing news for anyone who is hoping to see Supergirl join the DCEU soon. However, although it doesn’t look like DC has plans for the character at the moment, that could change at any time, as there’s little doubt the studio will be looking to push more female heroes thanks to the success of “Wonder Woman.”

For now fans will just have to get their Supergirl fix by enjoying Melissa Benoit’s interpretation of the character on the CW.