Here’s What The Supergirl Costume Could Look Like In The DCEU


“Supergirl” just finished up its second season on the CW, and it was a big one. The second season featured not only the debut of Superman, but General Zod as well.

Superman and General Zod have already been established on the big screen in the DCEU, but one character who has yet to make her debut in the DCEU is none other than Supergirl.

Although Melissa Benoist has been holding things down for Supergirl on TV, DC has yet to announced any plans for the character to join their cinematic universe. However, with the recent success of “Wonder Woman” it’s possible that we could be seeing Kara Zol-El on the big screen sometime over the next few years.

When Supergirl does make her DCEU debut, she’ll obviously be wearing a different suit than what Melissa Benoist wears on TV. Reddit user barryallens decided to use their imagination to create a mock up of what her suit could look like, and you can check it out below.