Photos From The Arrowverse Crossover Seem To Reveal A Huge Spoiler


Fans were wondering how exactly the CW would top the epic four way “Invasion!” crossover from last year, and all season long it was teased that this year’s crossover would be more personal than the last. It’s already been confirmed that Barry Allen and Iris West will be getting married during the crossover titled “Crisis On Earth-X” and now it seems that a double-wedding could take place.

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David Ramsey who plays Diggle on “Arrow” said earlier this year that he would officiate a wedding during the crossover, and it looks like he will not only officiate the wedding for Barry and Iris, but a wedding for Oliver and Felicity as well.

Photos from the set have surfaced online, and they show what appears to be a double wedding. Check it out below.

Oliver proposed to Felicity in season 4, but their relationship went south after the reveal of Oliver’s son. However, the season 5 finale hinted that they’ll be getting back together in the future, and it’s been teased that Oliver will learn the meaning of true love in the crossover.

The “Arrowverse” crossover will kick off on Monday, November 27 with “Supergirl” and “Arrow” and it will continue on Tuesday, November 28 with “The Flash” and DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow.”