Original Team Arrow And New Team Arrow Will Be Split Down The Middle In Upcoming Episode


When “Arrow” first kicked off it was just Oliver and Diggle, then Felicity eventually joined the team and other members came in and out over the course of the first four seasons. But by the time season 4 came to an end, Felicity and Oliver were the only two members left.

In season 5, Felicity convinced Oliver to take on some new recruits, and Wild Dog, Mr. Terrific, and Black Canary are all still part of the team in season 6. The new recruits have been a welcome addition to the team, but it seems that they’re going to be at odds with the original Team Arrow in an upcoming episode.

Den of Geek recently visited the “Arrow” set and Stephen Amell shared some juicy details by saying that a fracture will divide the team.

“In an upcoming episode — it’s not for a little bit — but we discover that there’s a fracture on the inside and it threatens to split Team Arrow down the middle of the original members and the newbies.”

What exactly that means is unclear, but it sounds like an interesting twist could be coming in the weeks ahead.

As we’ve seen in the past, sometimes Team Arrow members can’t be trusted as it was revealed in season 5 that Evelyn Sharp was actually working with Prometheus.

Amell added that the new members of the team have been very useful, but Oliver, Diggle and Felicity will always be the core of Team Arrow.

“Going back to Season 1, it was first just me, and then me and David, and then me, David, and Emily. And it stayed that way for quite a long time. That’s always been one of the core elements of Team Arrow, and despite how useful and exceptional the new team member have been, they still are the new team members.”

“Arrow” will air on the CW Thursday night with “Deathstroke Returns.”