Oliver Queen Gets Attacked By Deathstroke’s Son In New Arrow Trailer


This week’s episode of “Arrow” featured the return of Slade Wilson. He has once again teamed up with Oliver Queen and they’re trying to free Slade’s son. Next week all three of them will be interacting with one another, but it won’t go well for Oliver. The preview for next week’s episode shows a violent confrontation between Oliver and Slade’s son, and you can check it out below.

“Promises Kept” will air next Thursday on the CW.

“OLIVER MAKES A BIG DECISION – As Slade (guest star Manu Bennett) continues to uncover clues about his son’s last few years, Oliver (Stephen Amell) makes a big decision. Meanwhile, the Green Arrow (David Ramsey) leads the team into battle against “The Dragon,” a villain who is stealing valuable tech in Star City. Antonio Negret directed the episode written by Oscar Balderrama & Rebecca Bellotto (#606). Original airdate 11/16/2017.”