New Video And Photos From The Flash Set Hint At A Possible Death

the flash

Soon season 3 of “The Flash” will be returning, but when the show returns it will be running on borrowed time because there are only a few episodes left before season 3 comes to a close. So much of season 3 has been focused on Barry Allen and company trying to prevent Savitar from killing Iris, but it looks like another death could be rocking Team Flash to its very core. Beware, possible spoilers ahead.

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The cast and crew are believed to be filming the season finale right now, and new photos and videos from “The Flash” set have surfaced online, and they show characters from Team Flash dressed in black hanging out at a cemetery. A few of the photos even captured co-stars Grant Gustin and Tom Felton having a little fun.

Check them out below.

Obviously the pictures from the cemetery are intriguing, but they’re not the only thing that’s caught the attention of the fans.

A video from the set which appears to take place after the funeral has also surfaced online. The video shows the members of Team Flash all standing around and they appear to be saying goodbye to Barry Allen. Fans have noticed that Caitlyn Snow is absent from the group, which has led some to fear that she may be the reason that Team Flash had to attend a funeral.

The video also shows the return of Nora Allen, which has also led some fans to believe that the Speed Force could be taking on the appearance of Barry’s mother.

Another interesting theory going around is that due to the fact that Jay Garrick is present, and Barry is seen walking into a bright light, Barry could be taking Garrick’s place in the Speed Force, similar to how Garrick took Wally’s place earlier in the season.

You can check out the video below.

“The Flash” will return on Tuesday, April 25th with “The Once And Future Flash.”