What The Marvel Studios Intro Could Look Like If It Included The X-Men


For years fans have been hoping to see Marvel Studios acquire the film rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four so that we can all see a united MCU. However, the film rights currently belong to Fox, so everyone’s favorite mutants have been left out of the MCU.

According to a recent report, Fox had been in negotiations with Disney about possibly selling most of the company. The report also noted that the two parties are not talking at the moment, but it’s possible the talks could resume in the future.

Seeing the X-Men on screen with The Avengers would be a dream come true for Marvel fans, and it could make for some very interesting scenarios on the big screen.

The Marvel Studios intro has become a welcome sight for those who regularly attend MCU movies, and one fan decided to put together a new version that includes footage from the X-Men films, and it also incorporates the iconic theme song from the animated series. Check it out below.

Obviously if a deal eventually does go down between Fox and Disney it’s likely that all of these characters will be recast, but the fan made video is still a nice treat for people who have been waiting to see mutants in the MCU.