Marc Guggenheim Says Deathstroke Is Currently Tied Up In Another DC Project


“Arrow” has had a lot of interesting villains over the course of three and a half seasons. But no other villain captured the imagination of the audience quite like Manu Bennett’s Slade Wilson did. Bennett’s portrayal of Deathstroke was a driving force for the show, especially in the second season when he became the main villain.

But ever since Oliver Queen defeated him in the season 2 finale, things have been quiet on the Deathstroke front for “Arrow.” Producer Marc Guggenheim recently held a Q & A session on his Tumblr page and a fan asked him if there was any chance we might see Deathstroke reappear before the fourth season of “Arrow” ends. Guggenheim revealed that the character is currently tied up in another DC project and that return of Walter Steele is more likely.

As you can see he didn’t say what he’s tied up in. But Deathstroke has been noticeably absent from DC’s film plans, so there’s that. Characters from “Arrow” such as Deathstroke and Deadshot began disappearing from the show when DC started ramping things up for their film universe. Many fans suspected that Amanda Waller was recently killed off at DC’s request but Guggeinheim told the fan that it was not DC’s call.

So unfortunately it doesn’t look like Deathstroke will be returning to “Arrow” anytime soon which is a shame. But it sounds like DC does have plans for the character so hopefully we’ll be seeing him in some form sooner rather than later.