Legends Of Tomorrow Star Teases The Fortress Of Solitude For Season 3


The shows of the “Arrowverse” recently returned to the CW, but the midseason premiere of DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” is still a few weeks ago.

The show will be changing the status quo in a big way now that Firestorm is gone, and John Constantine has boarded the Waverider. It’s also been confirmed that Wally West will officially be joining the team in the weeks to come.

Fans of the series certainly have a lot to look forward to, and Brandon Routh has just given fans another reason to be excited.

Brandon Routh took to Instagram to post a photo that seems to tease we’ll be seeing Superman’s Fortress of Solitude in season 3.

Routh even referenced his own past performance as Superman by saying that something about the Fortress of Solitude makes him feel at home.

DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” is a show that breaks all the rules, so a visit to the Fortress of Solitude seems like it could be a fun adventure for the teams.

We’ll find out what kind of trouble the Legends will be getting into when the series returns on Monday, February 12.