First Look At Captain America’s New Shield From Infinity War

captain america

When “Captain America: Civil War” came to an end, Tony Stark told Steve Rogers that his iconic shield didn’t belong to him, so Steve dropped it and left it behind.

Directors the Russo Brothers have said that the gesture was meant to be symbolic, and that it represented Steve Rogers leaving the Captain America mantle behind.

Steve has isolated himself following the events of “Civil War” but he’ll be coming out of hiding to join the fight in “Avengers: Infinity War” which is set to hit theaters in May.

The first trailer dropped a few weeks ago and set the internet on fire. One of the most quotable lines from the trailer shows Black Panther talking about Cap as he says, “Someone get this man a shield.”

Well, it looks like somebody listened, because the new figures for “Infinity War” have been released, and they show his new shield.

Even though it might not be as flash as his last shield, or as buoyant, hopefully it will get the job done when Rogers needs it most.

“Avengers: Infinity War” opens in theaters on May 4.