Jake Gyllenhaal Reportedly Turned Down The Role Of Rick Flag In Suicide Squad


Excitement for the “Suicide Squad” is at all time high after Warner Bros. announced the all star cast not too long ago. Tom Hardy was one of the big names announced for the film as he was set to play Rick Flag on the big screen but he recently dropped out of the film. It was originally thought to be due to a scheduling conflict but now speculation is creating rumors that the role of Rick Flag just isn’t written very well in the script.

Recent rumors surrounding Jake Gyllenhaal turning down the role only seem to have added fuel to that fire.

Justin Kroll reports: “sources now tellĀ Variety that Jake Gyllenhaal has passed on an offer to play the leader of the superhero team.”

Despite the fact that Rick Flag is the leader of the Suicide Squad it’s being reported that he plays second fiddle to both The Joker who is being played by Jared Leto and Deadshot being played by Will Smith in the film.

The film will start shooting in April so expect a casting announcement in the near future.