International Promo For ‘Gorilla Warfare’ Teases The Return Of The Reverse-Flash


The first season of “The Flash” was captivating television and a big reason why it was just see TV was thanks to Tom Cavanaugh’s performance as the Reverse-Flash. We discovered Harrison Wells was the Reverse-Flash but it wasn’t really Harrison Wells. It was Eobard Thawne who traveled through time and then took over the body of Harrison Wells.

However at the end of the season Eddie Thawne killed himself wiping out Eobard Thawne’s bloodline and killing the Reverse-Flash. So it’s a littl surprising that a new international promo for next week’s episode is teasing the return of the Reverse-Flash.

It’s likely that this is nothing more than Harrison Wells from Earth 2 putting on his Earth 1 counterpart’s suit in an attempt to pull a fast one on a villain. Still, it brings back memories of just how awesome the Reverse-Flash was last season. Check it out above.