Grant Gustin Reacts To Captain Cold Leaving The Arrowverse

captain cold

In the “Arrowverse” characters come and go all the time thanks to the multiverse and the introduction of time travel, but it appears that one fan favorite character is leaving the “Arrowverse” for good this season.

Wentworth Miller recently noted on Instagram that he’s been filming his “final scenes” as Captain Cold, and fans were sad to hear that he’ll be hanging up the furry hooded winter coat.

Cold was introduced during “The Flash” season 1, and he later joined the Legends on DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” before he was killed off in the first season. Since then he’s made sporadic appearances in the “Arrowverse” and the episodes that he appears in are always “must see” for fans.

The interactions between Barry Allen and Leonard Snart have made for some very entertaining moments, and Grant Gustin recently told Extra that he hopes Cold comes back someday.

“First of all, I hope he comes back,” Gustin said. “I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that I get to work with him again.”

Gustin went on to add that the dynamic between the two characters has evolved over time.

“The fans love those two characters (Barry and Leonard) together… They started as enemies, and they came to respect each other and I think they came to care about each other even. But there’s trust issues there, probably on both sides. There’s a lot going on.”

When and how Captain Cold will be making his exit remains to be seen, but keep an eye out for Leonard Snart in this year’s four way crossover.