The Flash Loses A Major Character In “Infantino Street”

the flash

This week’s episode of “The Flash” was season 3’s penultimate episode, and it was titled “Infantino Street.” For most of season 3, Team Flash has been trying to prevent Savitar from killing Iris West, and this week they arrived at that fateful moment Barry witnessed several months ago. Spoilers ahead.

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The episode focused on Barry’s quest to steal a power source from the Dominators that was locked up at ARGUS, so he recruited Captain Cold to help him. After a little run in with King Shark, they were able to steal the power source, and in the end they were able to power the Speed Bazooka.

Unfortunately the bazooka wasn’t enough, as Barry tried to use it to trap Savitar in the Speed Force, but Savitar revealed that the Philosopher’s Stone makes him immune to the device’s power.

After Barry realized he couldn’t trap Savitar, he ran to Iris, but it was too late because Savitar killed her just like in Barry’s vision, and the episode ended with Barry holding Iris in his arms.

Of course there’s still one more episode to go before “The Flash” season 3 comes to an end, so there’s always a possibility that Iris will be brought back somehow, however, for the time being, she no longer exists in the current “Arrowverse” timeline.