Ezra Miller Says Zack Snyder Is The “DC God”


Zack Snyder has been somewhat of a controversial figure due to his involvement with the DCEU. His heart certainly seems to be in the right place, but fans seem to be split when it comes to his vision for the franchise. Some people love it, while others aren’t so fond of Snyder’s work. Regardless of which side of the fence you stand on, everyone seems to have an opinion in regards to Zack Snyder steering the ship for DC.

One person who definitely seems to be a fan of Zack Synder’s work is “Justice League” star Ezra Miller. In a new book called “Justice League: The Official Collector’s Edition” Miller praised Snyder and called him “the DC god” (via ScreenRant).

“Zack Snyder is the DC god. He’s the father of our universe. He’s been directing this series of films that will really plant the seeds for the whole Gaia tree of the DC Universe, and its many branches and flowers, giving us, the cast, this template as an artistic community. Zack has really taken care of us all. He’s been so incredibly attentive to all of us and our diva needs and our questions. And when I want to overthink the physics of The Flash, he’s been ready to engage with me on that level.”

“Justice League” has been met with mixed reviews, and some fans seem to be pointing the finger at Zack Snyder, while others are pointing the finger at Joss Whedon and Warner Bros.

“Justice League” is in theaters now.