Dark Secrets Are Going To Be Revealed On The Flash

the flash

All season long Clifford DeVoe has been one step ahead of Team Flash, and now that he’s absorbed the powers of most of the bus metas, he seems nearly unstoppable.

Recently Harry developed the Thinking Cap in an effort to try and increase his intelligence, and even though it seems to be helping, Carlos Valdes recently told EW that Cisco’s relationship with Harry is about to become complicated.

“The biggest secret weapon that Team Flash has at the moment is the Thinking Cap,” he says. “It seems to be the next logical step in taking down DeVoe is to match his intelligence. However, that situation starts to get complicated. Harry gets ahead of himself and some dark secrets come out that definitely complicate his relationship to the team, especially his relationship to Cisco.”

There’s no denying that Harry has been darker than usual this season, and producer Todd Helbing recently said that the creation of the device will have a “disastrous outcome.”

“The Flash” will return next Tuesday with “The Flash.”

“DANNY TREJO RETURNS AS BREACHER; KEVIN SMITH DIRECTS: Barry (Grant Gustin) and Ralph (Guest Star Hartley Sawyer) take different approaches to finding the remaining bus metas before DeVoe gets to them. However, Ralph’s cavalier attitude frustrates Barry and the two clash over what it means to be a hero. Meanwhile, Breacher (Guest Star Danny Trejo) returns to ask Cisco (Carlos Valdes) for a favor. Kevin Smith Directed The Episode Written by Lauren Certo & Kristen Kim.”