Caity Lotz Wants A New Love Interest For Sara Lance On Legends Of Tomorrow

sara lance

DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” will be returning for season 3 in the fall, and when the show does return it looks like things will be getting pretty crazy. When we last saw the Legends, they broke time, and it looks like history will be far from fixed when the show returns.

Caity Lotz recently spoke to DC All Access, and she said that history will not be as we remembered it when the Legends travel through time in season 3.

“I think this time we’re not gonna see history as we remembered it,” Lotz said via HH. “Before you’d travel back and history was kind of what it was in the textbooks. Now that we’ve broken time, we can travel anywhere and anything can be crazy.”

Sara Lance has found, and lost love in the “Arrowverse” and ever since she boarded the Waverider she’s been riding solo. It’s been a while since Sara has had anything more than a fling in her life, but Lotz hopes that changes in season 3.

“I’d like to see what sort of effects being in charge have on her. I’d like to see her have a good relationship. Not just a fling but a real love relationship would be nice.”

DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” will return for season 3 in October.