Black Siren Will Be Out For Revenge In Arrow Season 7

black siren

“Arrow” season 6 was an interesting journey for Katie Cassidy’s Black Siren. All season long the members of Team Arrow tried to help her find redemption, but she kept letting them down as she flipped back and forth from bad to good.

However, Earth-2 Laurel Lance did form a connection with Earth-1’s Quentin Lance, and “Arrow” showrunner Beth Schwartz told Cinema Blend at San Diego Comic Con this year that Black Siren will be out for revenge.

“So, I love Black Siren. She is so fun. What we loved about Katie and the character from last year is that you never really know which side she’s on. Is she good? Is she bad? She falls somewhere in between. And so this year, with Lance’s death — which was really sad, I’m still not over it — she has a lot. You know, she’s pissed. She’s pissed at Diaz, so she has a grudge. And so we’re gonna see her dealing with that. . . . Yeah, she’s gonna play between good and bad again, and we’re gonna see how that affects her when she wants to get revenge for Lance’s death.”

Black Siren spent most of season 6 working with Diaz before she turned on him, so with Diaz still at large it should be interesting to see how that dynamic plays out.

Another thing that fans have to look forward to is more tension between Black Siren and Black Canary, but according to Juliana Harkavy the two characters will eventually find a mutual respect.

“It was intense, and I think that relationship and that dynamic is evolving in a very cool way. You know, they are still definitely at odds, but yeah, there is going to be a shift there, for sure. Actually, some of my favorite writing this season has been the stuff between Dinah and Laurel.”

“Arrow” will return in October.