Concept Art For Batman V Superman Shows A Futuristic Suit For Batman

Photo: DC/Warner Bros.

It’s been almost two years since “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” was released, and the film remains one of the most divisive movies in the genre.

The movie sparked some passionate debates among fans, but one thing most people don’t argue about is the visuals.

It seems that most people agree that even though “Batman v Superman” may have been a very dark film, it was visually stunning nonetheless.

It also happens to be the first film in the DCEU to feature Ben Affleck as Batman, and Affleck was lucky enough to be able to wear some pretty cool suits in the film.

However, Batman’s look was almost very different, and concept artist JS Marantz recently revealed an early design for the suit.

According to Marantz, he was exploring a much more futuristic look for the suit before going with a more classic style. Marantz posted the following:

“Believe it or not This was a very early pass on the #batmanvssuperman #batsuit . Before we got the note to do a classic #Batman I was exploring futuristic and techy options. I think the exploration only lasted for about a week and was so excited when we were told to do a classic Batman suit.”

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