Arrow’s Black Canary Reveals Which Marvel Character She Wants To Play


Juliana Harkavy joined “Arrow” during season 5, and her character Dinah Drake has now fully embraced the Black Canary identity on the show.

Harkavy has been a lot of fun to watch on “Arrow” so far, and it’s expected at this point in time that her character will be returning for season 7.

But it’s certainly not uncommon for DC actors to make the jump to Marvel once they’ve fulfilled their commitments, and it seems that Juliana already has her eyes on a potential Marvel role.

Bounding Into Comics recently interviewed Harkavy, and they asked her which Marvel character she would like to play.

Initially she said Storm, but she went on to say that Wolverine is her favorite.

“Wolverine is my favorite. And I don’t know how I would live in that world, but I would love to at some point.”

She was then informed that Laura Kinney is currently the person who has taken up the Wolverine identity in Marvel Comics, and she went on to say that’s a role she would like to take on.

“I had no idea. That’s exactly who I would want to play like a thousand percent that’s so cool. That’s so cool. I would love to do something like that.”

It has been reported that plans for a potential X-23 film were being discussed following the success of “Logan” but with the X-Men heading to the MCU in a few years, it’s unknown if that movie is still in the pipeline.

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