Arrow Star Colton Haynes Teases Nightwing Role

roy harper

DC is set to release several new films over the next few years, and one film that fans are looking forward to is “Nightwing.” Fans have been waiting a long time to see Dick Grayson step into the spotlight in his own film, but as of right now there have been no official announcements made regarding who will be playing the character.

There are plenty of rumors out there, and several celebrities have teased the Nightwing role on social media, and now you can add another familiar name to the list.

Colton Haynes, better known to “Arrow” fans as Roy Harper recently got people talking when hr referenced Nightwing on Twitter.

Haynes posted the following:

There are quite a few people out there who would be happy to see Haynes take on the role, but we can’t get ahead of ourselves just yet as nothing has been made official, and it’s possible that he was just messing with all of us.

One way or another, fans can look forward to seeing Haynes on TV again soon, as it’s been confirmed that he’ll be returning to “Arrow” this season for a short story arc.