Walking Dead Star Wants To Join The Flash

the flash

Over the years fans who watch both “The Flash” and “The Walking Dead” have seen a lot of characters come and go, but it’s not unheard of for actors from “The Walking Dead” to join the “Arrowverse.”

After all Chad L. Coleman played Tobias Church in “Arrow” season 5, Rick Acevedo is still on the loose as Ricardo Diaz, Emily Kinney has faced off against Team Flash as the Bug Eyed Bandit, and Juliana Harkavy is currently rocking the Black Canary mantle.

Now it seems that another name who is familiar to fans of “The Walking Dead” wants to join the “Arrowverse.”

Chandler Riggs, who played Carl on the show, was recently asked at ACE Comic Con if he prefers Marvel or DC, and he noted that “The Flash” is one of his favorite shows.

“Honestly, I really like both, but The Flash is one of my favorite shows of all time,” Riggs said via Comicbook.com. “So I would say something DC.”

“There’s room for you on The Flash,” said panel moderator Clare Kramer

“Yeah, I hope so,” Riggs replied. “We’ll see!”

With “The Flash” set to return for season 5 in the fall, it’s safe to say that the powers that be could likely find a way to work Chandler Riggs into the show if they want to.

Whether or not they will remains to be seen.