Voice Acting, Mini Games And More Confirmed For The Final Fantasy VII Remake


Ever since the “Final Fantasy VII” remake was announced, we’ve all had a lot of questions. Slowly but surely those questions are being answered. Dengeki Playstation recently interviewed director Tetsuya Nomura and producer Yoshinori Kitase and they revealed a little bit more about what we can expect from the game. One of the biggest things they revealed is that the game will definitely include voice acting.

“Basically, it will be fully voiced. We still haven’t decided the voices of the characters that weren’t in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.” Kitase said.

According to the interview they even plan on adding voice acting to some of the games most awkward moments. When asked if there would be voice acting added to some of the dating scenes they said the following:

“It would be impossible not to. (Laughs.) However, since it’s different from that time and social situation, we need implement the reproduction of original events carefully.” Kitase added.

Of course one of the biggest things fans keep bringing up is how bad they want to visit the Gold Saucer in the HD remake. We all remember how much fun it was to play all of the mini-games not only there, but throughout the rest of the game as well. Kitase and Nomura confirmed that they are trying to find a way to give the fans what they want.

“We want to put the mini-games that remain favorable among fans in as much as possible.”Kitase said.

“There were a lot of things from big to small, but we need to consider a bit whether it’s necessary to create them all with the latest technology.” Nomura added.

We have answers to a few new questions but we’re still not any closer to finding out when the game will be released. When asked if the game would be released in 2017 to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the original release, Kitase said that he’s not allowed to give out any information at this time.

via Gematsu