Stephen Amell On What The Next Arrowverse Crossover Could Be Like


Last week the epic four way crossover “Crisis On Earth-X” aired on the CW, and Stephen Amell’s role in the story was massive. He did his usual thing as Oliver Queen of Earth-1, and he also played Oliver Queen of Earth-X who was arguably the most sinister villain in the crossover.

After last year’s crossover fans wondered how the powers that be would top “Invasion” but it’s safe to say that “Crisis On Earth-X” topped it in every way possible.

Now everyone’s talking about next year’s crossover, including Stephen Amell.

During a recent Q&A session on Facebook Live, Amell talked about what next year’s crossover could be like, and suggested that it could be more character based (via We Got This Covered).

“I personally think that I don’t know how we’d scale up more. Unless all the productions shut down and we’d shoot it like you would a feature film. I dunno. What you could do is make it more of a character-based story, and maybe it’s about one or two characters from each show being sequestered out somewhere. I don’t know. I’m not a writer. I just say the words and, after the fact, I critique them.”

It’s hard to imagine how the event could be scaled up at this point as “Crisis On Earth-X” played out like one long DC movie with hug set pieces and massive battles. But breaking things down and focusing on the characters could work if the CW decides to pull back a little bit in 2018.

What do you think the 2018 crossover should be like? Sound off in the comments below.