How Oliver Queen Will React To Gideon In The Arrowverse Crossover

oliver queen

We’re only a few weeks away from the highly anticipated “Arrowverse” crossover, and this year’s crossover looks to top last year’s in every way as the heroes are set to take on their evil doppelgangers in “Crisis On Earth-X.”

The four way crossover is set to play out like a four hour movie, and characters from each show will all be interacting with people and elements that they may not be used to.

Characters from “The Flash” and DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” are quite familiar with the artificial intelligence system Gideon, but Oliver Queen is not.

Amy Pemberton who plays Gideon on DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” recently told that Oliver and Gideon will interact with each other, but she’s not too sure the Emerald Archer is fond of her.

“There’s a few moments with him that are really nice and really fun,” Pemberton said. “I don’t think he likes Gideon.”

This of course isn’t surprising as Oliver doesn’t react well when he’s introduced to new things. In last year’s “Arrowverse” crossover he gave Supergirl the cold shoulder until she saved his life.

Pemberton also confirmed that Gideon will be appearing in the flesh in an upcoming episode of “Legends” in an episode where the cast is “kind of frozen.”

“So this whole thing is very much about Zari and her learning her place within the team, and Gideon has manifested herself to help her figure out where she fits in with the team,” Pemberton explained.

The “Arrowverse” crossover will kick off on November 27.