Oliver Queen Will Pay A Price He Hasn’t Paid Before In The Arrow Season Finale


We’re getting dangerously close to May, which means the “Arrow” season 6 finale is right around the corner.

It’s been teased that the season finale will change the show in a big way by doing something that can’t be undone, and fans have their own theories in regards to what that might mean.

Either way, the Green Arrow will undoubtedly be looking to take down this season’s big bad, Ricardo Diaz, and David Ramsey recently told EW that Diaz is going to make Oliver pay.

“Oliver is going to pay a price that he hasn’t really paid before,” Ramsey says. “Unlike our other bad guys, who are really trying to go for the jugular in sense that they’re trying to kill Oliver, Ricardo Diaz is just destroying his family piece by piece.”

Throughout the course of 6 seasons, Oliver Queen has been through a lot, so it’s hard to imagine that there’s any type of price that he hasn’t paid before. But one way or another we’ll be finding out what all of these cryptic quotes mean in just a few weeks.

“Arrow” will return with a new episode next Thursday on the CW.