Oliver Learns The Truth About Laurel Lance In New Arrow Promo For “Who Are You?”

laurel lance

The “Arrow” winter finale delivered in a big way, and it left fans with a lot of questions after Laurel Lance returned at the end of the episode. Laurel Lance was killed at the hands of Damien Darhk in season 4, and although no one ever seems to stay dead on “Arrow,” Laurel’s return is suspicious to say the least. “Arrow” will return in January with “Who Are You?” and it looks like the episode is going to confront the Laurel situation head on.

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The latest promo for the episode reveals that this Laurel is not the Laurel Lance that the members of Team Arrow know and love. The promo shows a scene where Laurel is using the Canary Cry as she attacks Oliver and Felicity while they’re in the lair, and Oliver says “That’s not our Laurel.” The person that they thought was their Laurel responds by saying, “Finally, it’s about time someone figured it out.”

You can check the promo below.

“Arrow” will return on January 25.