Nick Zano Joining Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2 As Citizen Steel


Casting is underway for the second season of DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” and Nick Zano has signed on to play Dr. Nate Heywood, also known as Citizen Steel.

Deadline broke the news earlier today and according to the report the producers of the show wouldn’t say whether or not Nate Heywood will actually become Steel. It remains to be seen if he’ll be going full on super hero, but considering the fact that “Legends of Tomorrow” is a show about time traveling super heroes it seems pretty likely that it’s going to happen at some point.¬†In the comics Nate Heywood is the third person to take on the Steel mantle and he is the grandson of Commander Steel.

The “Legends of Tomorrow” showrunners haven’t been shy about letting the fans know that the show will have a revolving cast. When last¬†season came to an end we said goodbye to Captain Cold, Hawkman, Hawkgirl and of course we were introduced to Rex Tyler, also known as Hourman.

DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” will return for season 2 on the CW this fall.