New Power Rangers Photo Shows Another Look At The Team’s Suits


Hype is at an all time high for the new “Power Rangers” film and over the past few months we’ve seen several photos of the cast both in and out of their suits.

The new suits are a bit of a departure from the classic outfits that were used on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” back in the 90s. The suits utilize alien technology and they look a lot more modern compared to the suits that the team wore back in the day.

In the show when the Rangers wanted to expose their faces they would normally have to remove their entire helmet but it looks like the film is taking a different approach this time around.

USA Today has released a new photo of the Power Rangers team and it shows them in costume with their faces exposed, but with helmets still on. It looks like the new suits will be using a retractable face mask.


What do you think, do you like the way the new suits look? Sound off in the comments below.